Tv And Movie Characters Wearing Shoes To Bed Is Gross

Take. Off. Your. Damn. Shoes.

Movies and TV shows are supposed to be an escape from reality. Nothing takes me out of a story more than a character climbing into bed with their shoes on.

every time a movie/tv character climbs into bed with their shoes on, i die a little inside

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I’ve compiled some TV shows and movies that are repeat offenders of this gross activity for your viewing displeasure.


Let’s start with one of the most egregious examples, To All the Boys I Loved Before.

It’s March 2022, and I’m still thinking about how Margot Covey got into Lara Jean’s bed with her shoes on.

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This bed check scene from That ’70s Show is hilarious, but I was distracted by Kelso’s shoes.


As Michael Scott climbs into his bench bed, I realize the “Dinner Party” episode from The Office has more cringe than I remember.


I’m feeling unwell thanks to another Netflix original, Virgin River.

This woman not only got into bed wearing the clothes she had on while treating a gunshot wound and delivering a breech baby at an illegal pot camp, she also got into bed full on wearing her shoes! 😳🤢 I think I have to stop watching now. #VirginRiver #netflix

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Princess Mia, I know you’re Genovian royalty, but this has gone too far. I can’t watch The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement again.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


It took me a while to remember that Mamma Mia! has a whole-ass scene with Donna dancing/jumping on the bed, and I regret everything.


Proof that Isabela from Encanto is not the golden child she thinks she is.

Disney / Via Twitter: @SAHKMETT


Nice try, Charles Melton (in The Sun Is Also a Star), but your abs can’t distract me from your Nike sneakers on the bed.


Thankfully, this scene doesn’t go on for too long in The Goldfinch.


I gasped when Gwen dropped onto Miles’ bed with her green Converse on in the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse trailer.


I’ve never watched The Big Bang Theory. Now I don’t think I ever will.


We have another Netflix offender with Sierra Burgess Is a Loser.

Dear @netflix pls stop with shoes on and/or in beds in your movies. I cannottt #SierraBurgess #ToAllTheBoysIveLovedBefore

Netflix / Via Twitter: @_abbydeleon


So many wild and nonsensical things happen in Riverdale, but this scene shocks me the most.

Are you annoyed yet? Let’s wrap up this list with some shows and movies that did it right.

Thank you, Cher and Christian. You two are definitely not Clueless (in terms of basic cleanliness, anyway).

Paramount Pictures Studios

Not everyone from Riverdale is a monster. Kevin actually has manners.

If Crazy Rich Asians didn’t get it right, I would’ve screamed.

Finally, there’s this short scene from Always Be My Maybe.

I’m Rewatching Always be My Maybe
And this scene comes on of kids running through the house to get to the backyard
And they removed the shoes,ran through the house,got to the backyard door,then wore them and ran out
I want that for me
No outside shoes in the house pleeaasseee😊🙏🏾

Netflix / Via Twitter: @MissIrungu

It was so subtle, I had to replay it several times to catch it. You can watch it yourself (it’s the birthday party scene).


The director, Nahnatchka Khan, felt it was important to include this tiny but powerful detail to open the scene. She was right.

This is not an exhaustive list, but if I forgot to include a movie or show that did it right (or wrong), drop them in the comments!

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