5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Renaissance Music

In the past we’ve chosen the five minutes or so we would play to make our friends fall in love with classical music, piano, opera, cello, Mozart, 21st-century composers, violin, Baroque music, sopranos, Beethoven, flute, string quartets, tenors, Brahms, choral music, percussion, symphonies, Stravinsky, trumpet, Maria Callas, Bach, the organ, […]

What to watch if you love romantic films and TV

Ernestine M. Straub

Television Starstruck BBC iPlayer Rose Matafeo’s 2020s take on Notting Hill returned for a second series this week. It follows Kiwi cinema worker Jessie (Matafeo), who has a one-night stand with Tom (Nikesh Patel), only to discover he is a movie star. Funny and heartwarming, this modern fairy tale is […]