How Auctions Identify the Next Big Artists and Trends

Ernestine M. Straub

Auctions prophesize the rise of art stars and identify trends in the contemporary scene through financial returns. While many spectators cast their attention toward biennials as harbingers of what is to come in the art world, auctions reflect these changes more quickly and concretely than the usual institutional measures that […]

Here Are 9 Exciting Artists Whose Markets Are Poised to Reach the Next Level After Remarkable Outings at the Venice Biennale

Discussion about this year’s central exhibition at the Venice Biennale, “The Milk of Dreams,” has centered on the many historical figures—often women and gender non-conforming artists—that curator Cecilia Alemani resurfaced and recontextualized. But plenty of emerging and mid-career artists were given ample real estate in the show, too—and they were […]