Sailor Moon Adopts a Muay Thai Fighting Style in Kick-ass Fan Art

Sailor Moon takes a more direct approach to fighting evil by the moonlight in an impressive new set of fan art illustrations.

Sailor Moon stops tossing her tiara and starts throwing hands in a new piece of fan art.

In a new set of illustrations, artist, animator and self-proclaimed “punching enthusiast” Allyson Willsey portrays Usagi Tsukino as a Muay Thai kickboxer. The art sees the leader of the Sailor Scouts trading in her sailor uniform for a boxing outfit and a set of shin guards. The images depict the future Neo-Queen Serenity delivering a mean knee strike, as well as living up to her crybaby reputation by shedding tears in both moments of victory and frustration. The set of images is Willsey’s second reimagining of a Sailor Scout, as the artist previously created a set of images depicting Sailor Jupiter as a traditional boxer.

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Willsey is a professional animator and animation director who has worked on over 50 games. More of her Sailor Moon art can be viewed on her website, where she has also posted her colorful original works as well additional fan art for Lupin the Third and Batman.

Sailor Moon was created by artist and writer Naoko Takeuchi and was first published in Japan in 1991. Takeuchi’s original manga has been adapted to animation twice, with the original show being produced by Toei Animation and directed by Junichi Sato (Princess Tutu). While the anime features some notable departures from its source material, the series was one of the first shojo shows to be localized and broadcast outside of Japan. Both the original manga and its first anime adaptation are celebrated as one of the most influential works in the shojo and magical girl genres, and maintain a dedicated fanbase to this day. The show is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its original premiere this year with a number of merchandising collaborations, the most notable of which is new crossover with Sanrio, which sees the Sailor Scouts pairing off with the company’s most popular mascots.

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Takeuchi’s story received a second anime adaptation, entitled Sailor Moon Crystal, which premiered in 2014. The rebooted anime aimed to be a more faithful rendition of the original manga. The most recent entry in the series, the two Sailor Moon Eternal movies, premiered in Japan in early 2021 were released internationally as a streaming exclusive on Netflix.

Both the original 1991 series and Sailor Moon Crystal are available for streaming on Hulu. The manga is available in English from publisher Kodansha Comics.

Source: Twitter, Allyson Willsey

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