Palm Springs Art Museum welcomes ‘Outburst Projects’ residency artists

Fulton Leroy Washington sits at his workspace inside the Palm Springs Art Museum, working on a small mixed media piece that will eventually be dubbed “He Laid Hands On Us.” The artist — a calm, quiet man in his 60s who goes by Mr. Walsh — is creating his piece out of multiple molds of his own face. 

The sculpture consists of four sides, all displaying his face, and each is painted a different color. After he’s done painting, he adds fake flowers and other details to the work, the final piece in his new museum installation. 

Devin Reynolds is a younger man. His demeanor is a little more immediate. He stands in front of a large fragment, one of several large pieces that, when installed, will engulf the room in which they are displayed. Once the fragments are assembled and hung on the wall, the pieces — made of materials ranging from wood to tires — will work together to resemble building facades you’d see in a large urban area.

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