Nothing By Default presents an immersive art experience in Batavia at Black Cactus Print House

A local business in Batavia will unveil a unique immersive multimedia art experience in March. The public is invited to not only attend, but participate, when Thank You For Leaving The House (TYFLTH) debuts on Saturday, March 26, at Black Cactus Print House, 11 E. Wilson St.

This two-day event will be the culmination of more than a year of planning led by Black Cactus Print House owner Andrew Heppner, and unveils a new passion project, Heppner says that after building Black Cactus as a business-to-business company for six years, “we have finally reached a point where we can launch a business that puts our passion for art and fashion to the forefront.”

“To make sure our unveiling is as overwhelming as our passion, we have created a one-of-a-kind art show called “Thank You For Leaving The House,” Heppner explained. “This show will be like no art show you have seen, and we worked on this idea for one full year to make sure every detail is addressed so that residents of Batavia and the surrounding area will have a once in a lifetime experience.”

The event is intended to change the perception of how an audience interacts and interfaces with art. Featuring the visual art and apparel of several artists, TYFLTH is designed to bring attendees into the space where inspiration occurs, where paradigms are shifted, and the future of expression is tangible. Equal parts art gallery and clothing pop-up shop, TYFLTH will provide not merely pieces available for purchase, but an adventure through various headspaces of creativity.

From the moment they enter, attendees will have their senses greeted with a corridor designed to cleanse the mind of expectations. As they move into the primary gallery space, visitors will be presented with visual artworks as well as unique vintage clothing modified to tell a story. The exclusive clothing pushes the boundary of popular streetwear and fashion. Also available for purchase are souvenirs that allow guests to hold onto a piece of what will be an “unforgettable and unprecedented experience.”

Heppner says the scope of art featured ranges from paintings and repurposed vintage clothing to hand-screen printed newspapers and scratch-off cards.

“We have taken the decoration and immersiveness just as serious as the art, and we are attempting to redefine the atmosphere in which consumers interact with art in all formats,” summed Heppner. “I can’t wait to share our passion with everyone and finally pull back the curtain on a one-year project.”

For those interested in tickets to attend the weekend show, sign up on the events page at

Nothing By Default is a multimedia art platform for the future. For more information, contact Andrew Heppner. He is available via telephone (630) 806-4910 (cellphone) or (630) 326-9191 (office), or email [email protected]


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