Minecraft Fan Draws Steve in Realistic Art Style

While other players create structures and machines in-game, one Minecraft fan creates a realistic, gritty, and highly detailed picture of Steve.

minecraft steve

Many gamers recognize Minecraft as the pinnacle of sandbox games due to its simple yet nearly limitless creative potential. Due to its ease of access and the difficulty to master its near endless crafting combinations, the most casual of gamers as well as hardcore gaming veterans can find satisfaction through Minecraft‘s unique gameplay.

Because of the potential for creativity, much of players’ time is spent coming up with and creating works of art, structures, or Redstone creations. These can range from drawings made entirely of blocks, fully functioning automated farms, or a massive medieval city in Minecraft.


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While Minecraft as a game has nearly endless uses, such as a university holding their entrance ceremony in Minecraft, many players have created tributes to their favorite sandbox game in other mediums. Using their artistic skills, players have created art pieces, sculptures, and other works outside the game, making for an interesting balance of creativity.

One example of this would certainly be a realistic and terrifying drawing of Minecraft‘s Warden, which has shocked many players with its beautiful yet haunting visuals. Another example would be Reddit user Annazebanana’s realistic drawing of Minecraft‘s male protagonist Steve. The drawing displays Steve’s in-game skin next to the drawing to show the massive contrast in art style between the two while simultaneously allowing viewers to spot the similarities.

The work that Annazebanana put into the drawing is truly impressive, as it takes the limited details from Steve’s skin and turns them into believable additions in the finished drawing. Where there are color changes on Steve’s skin, Annazebanana added details to better explain the design; for example, where there are color changes on Steve’s clothes, Annazebanana decided to add wrinkles. Not only did this explain the color changes, it also added amazing detail to the art piece. The same can be said for Steve’s arms, where Annazebanana added veins and hair to the darker patches of the skin. On a side note, many Reddit users pointed out that the drawing looks to have taken inspiration from Marvel character Wolverine, to which Annazebanana responded with implications potentially confirming this.

Regardless of inspirations, the drawing is a masterpiece that manages to capture a more rugged side of Minecraft‘s male protagonist. While players’ in-game creations are managing to keep the game alive and bring the community together, the same can be said for works of art such as a Minecraft curse of binding animation and Annazebanana’s gritty take on Steve.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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