Colton Haynes Plays Twin Swindlers in New Lifetime Movie

Colton Haynes is a con artist on the run in his new Lifetime movie.

The Teen Wolf alum, 34, plays twin criminals Steve and Mitch Johnson, trick women into spending money on them before completely disappearing, in the trailer first shared by Entertainment Tonight.

Inspired by true events, Swindler Seduction is the newest movie in the network’s Ripped from the Headlines series.

In the teaser, Steve seduces Louisa (Gabrielle Graham) as they meet at a bar in Chicago and instantly connect, the outlet reported.

“Have you ever been seduced by someone who they said they were?” asks a voiceover at the beginning of the teaser.

Colton Haynes.
Sarah Matray / Newspix / Getty Images

Throughout the first half of the trailer Louisa and Steve appear to fall in love. “It’s like he looks right into my soul,” she says.

In the next moment, however, Steve suddenly disappears and Louisa begins to find out the truth. “Mr. Johnson’s finance information was false, I’m calling the cops,” someone says to her over the phone.

“He coerces women into sleeping with them and then he robs them,” says Louisa’s friend Brooke (Tanisha Thammavongsa).

“It’s not your fault,” Brooke says to Louisa in another scene. “Yeah but you didn’t fall in love with someone who doesn’t even exist,” she says in return.

After finding out she’s pregnant while getting no help from the police, Louisa begins her mission to track Steve down, according to ET. Only in her investigation does she find out Steve has an accomplice — his twin brother.

“There you are,” Louisa says finding his real police records. “I’m coming for you.”

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Swindler Seduction premieres on Oct. 22.