Best Tablet or Laptop for Music Production

Photo: Sam Rutherford/Gizmodo In this week’s “Which Gadget Should You Buy,” we help a music teacher find the best hybrid tablet or laptop for their specific needs. Ben is on the hunt for a system with enough power for writing music and a chassis that’s small and slim enough to […]

Blockchain projects aim to disrupt the music industry

Music is a tricky business. The industry has its fair share of controversies, from monopolies to the limited earning potential for upcoming artists. While Web2 brought many positive changes, the industry still has a long way. Because of this, projects are trying to utilize blockchain technology to provide new solutions […]

Digging for Obscure Gold with Music From Memory

LABEL PROFILE Digging for Obscure Gold with Music From Memory By Daniel Dylan Wray · April 19, 2022 Reissues of old, lost, cult, or classic albums, along with labels releasing compilation albums of unconventional sounds from unexpected places, have become so increasingly common that they hit the shelves with almost […]