Every single TV and movie trailer released so far

Eleven! Sandman! Wednesday! Netflix is full of iconic characters, and many of them are the reason the streaming platform has become a popular destination for fans of top-notch sci-fi, fantasy, and other genre offerings. Now, Netflix Geeked Week 2022 is here to deliver even more geeky announcements about what’s coming […]

7 Most Iconic Corporate Takeovers In Movie & TV

With news of Elon Musk halfway between buying Twitter and facing a one billion dollar pullout charge for changing his mind, corporate takeovers have defined our cultural, financial, and political discourse. Look no further than the news every day to find big companies that keep getting bigger, tech billionaires that […]

Every New Movie & TV Show Coming In June 2022

In June, Amazon Prime Video is adding a documentary, several seasons of TV, an LGBTQ+ romantic movie, a time-traveling drama, and even more. In June 2022, Amazon’s Prime Video is adding a documentary, two romantic movies, and several series of TV that range from comedy to superhero stories. While TV […]