Best Movies & TV Shows to Watch on Netflix This Weekend (March 26-27 2022)

With March coming to an end, here are the new premieres and leaving movies and TV shows to binge on the digital platform this weekend.

The end of March 2022 is quickly approaching and, with it, new rotations to Netflix’s extensive library of television and film, with several licenses slated to expire by the end of the month while new programming is added to herald the start of April. With this as the last weekend in March, that means this is the last chance to watch some of the fan-favorite content available while enjoying a fresh wave of premieres on the digital platform.

Here are all the best shows and movies to stream on Netflix this weekend and coming week, taking advantage of the last days to the month to catch some truly acclaimed programming before it departs the streaming service for the foreseeable future.

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Bridgerton Returns Without a Familiar Face

One of the most successful Netflix original series is the bawdy historical romantic show Bridgerton, with the first season becoming the most-watched series on the streaming service, at the time, in its first month on the platform in January 2021. While fan-favorite actor Regé-Jean Page is absent in Season 2, the new season continues the period drama as the Bridgerton siblings continue to look for love.

Season 2 follows Anthony Bridgerton, the older brother of Season 1’s protagonist Daphne, as he courts the socialite Edwina Sharma. Edwina’s older sister Kate is suspicious of Anthony’s true intentions and seeks to expose his amorous efforts as false, only to begin to develop feelings for him herself. And as this love triangle escalates, Bridgerton Season 2 is set to up the romantic ante and English courtly intrigue.

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Blade Runner 2049 Is Still a Masterclass in Sci-Fi

blade runner 2049

While Denis Villeneuve may have been snubbed for his work with Dune, the acclaimed filmmaker’s 2017 science fiction sequel Blade Runner 2049 is now available to stream on Netflix. Set thirty years after the events of the groundbreaking 1982 film, Blade Runner 2049 follows replicant K, tasked with hunting Los Angeles for rogue replicants. As K unravels a conspiracy, he finds himself questioning his own origins and the life he leads.

Though Blade Runner 2049, like its predecessor, was not particularly successful at the box office though has enjoyed robust critical acclaim and steadily found its audience since. Blade Runner has since expanded into comics and anime, but Blade Runner 2049 stands as a masterclass in crafting a legacy sequel. If you missed Blade Runner 2049 the first time around or are looking for epic, accessible sci-fi following Villeneuve’s work, now’s the perfect time to catch the movie.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Is More Relevant Than Ever

Picard from Star Trek TNG

With Paramount+ steadily consolidating its Star Trek programming together, this marks the last week to binge Star Trek: The Next Generation. The seven-season series introduced Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise-D as they patrolled the galaxy decades after the events of Star Trek: The Original Series and completely revitalized the Star Trek franchise, as its feature films experienced diminishing returns, leading to a whole wave of new Star Trek series and movies throughout the ’90s.

For those unfamiliar with TNG and are looking for a good place to start with the show, most fans agree the quality noticeably improves starting with TNG‘s third season and remains relatively consistent moving forward for the remainder of its run. From introducing the fearsome Borg Collective to the franchise to including several iconic cameos from past Star Trek characters, TNG represents Star Trek at its finest. Binging all of TNG would take just over five days so completionists should get started before it’s too late.

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Catch Pokémon Before Its Too Late

Ash and Pikachu in a Pokemon Battle

While once boasting a robust selection on Netflix, Pokémon is facing out some of its movies and television seasons from the digital platform by the end of March. This includes the anime movies Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! and Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us, along with Seasons 20 through 22 of the long-running series.

I Choose You! was a loose remake of the first season of the anime series, setting up a slightly alternate timeline for the anime franchise. The Power of Us is the 2018 sequel to I Choose You! and sees Ash Ketchum and his loyal Pikachu avert a crisis threatening Fula City as they continue their training to be the very best. With these shows and movies leaving Netflix at the start of April, this is the last weekend to go a mini-binge of the two movies and three seasons.

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300 Is Still as Epic as Ever

The Spartans Hold The Line In 300

Zack Snyder’s first comic book adaptation is still one of his best films, but 300 is poised to leave Netflix by the end of March, making this the last chance for subscribers to watch the movie. And if there was ever an escapist weekend movie featuring swords, sandals and plenty of digitally enhanced muscles, 300 is the film to recommend.

Not without its own fair share of controversy, from its authoritarian themes to its depiction of the Persian army, 300 is a film that never really attempts to accurately depict history but rather brings Miller’s heightened story to life. From slow-motion skirmishes in Thermopylae to the unabashed machismo of the Spartans, it is an over-the-top war film. But if there’s any filmmaker that can faithfully bring Miller’s distinct visual style to the silver screen, it’s Snyder, and he does so with flying colors.

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