Batman & Doctor Who Battle Joker in 1960s Comic Style Crossover Art

A new piece of Batman/Doctor Who fan art creates a stunning comic book-style crossover between the two heroes and villains The Joker and the Daleks.

The 60s iterations of Batman and Doctor Who are united against their adversaries in a piece of stunning comic book fan art. Action and adventure serials were at the height of popularity in television during the 1960s. Long before streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ led to the age of consumers binging however much content they want, audiences would religiously tune in for weekly instalments of their favorite ongoing adventures, such as the DC hero pairing of Batman and Robin.

Some good examples of this phenomenon on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are found in 1966 in the TV show adaptation of Batman, and the early years of Doctor Who. Batman was a tongue-in-cheek spin on the Silver Age comics that were running at the time. The series was relatively faithful to the comics’ upbeat tone and wacky plot lines, with Adam West playing a decidedly more ‘Bright Knight’. In the UK, Doctor Who had just come out of its inception in 1963 and was delivering sci-fi thrills in ‘base under siege’ type stories, albeit on a much lower budget, with Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor.


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Now, comic artist Ben Willsher has brought these two icons together in a stunning piece of comic book-style fan art. The piece sees West’s Batman paired up with Troughton’s Doctor outside of the TARDIS, drawn in accurate comic style animation detail. The next panel then reveals the pair facing down a devious team up of the Joker (Caesar Romero) with the Daleks, sporting a Joker-style purple, green and red color scheme. Check it out below.

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The piece has clearly been created with a lot of care and attention to detail with the 60s period in mind. What’s more, the Batman/Doctor Who crossover art is a fun exercise in imagining what a team-up like this would’ve looked like in 1966. Of course, despite the real-world timeline not adding up, some fans may argue that Jon Pertwee, Troughton’s immediate successor in the role, would be a more appropriate fit for this exact crossover, considering his action-hero persona. Indeed, one can imagine the Third Doctor’s signature Venusian Aikido complimented with the “Pow!”, “Biff!” and “Whack!” actions, which were perhaps the longest lingering emblem of the 60s Batman show’s visual identity.

DC have been able to pull off several meta-textual crossovers with Batman in this vein, such as team-ups with the likes of Scooby Doo, the Teenage Mutant Njnja Turtles and the Predator across several different mediums. In contrast, Doctor Who has only crossed over with its own spin-offs; Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Potential crossovers with other shows and Doctor Who have been considered over the years, but ultimately abandoned by producers. Ideas have included the often joked about team-up with the cast of cult TV series, Blake’s 7, and a potential meeting between the team of the TARDIS and the cast of Star Trek: Enterprise, which was seriously considered by Russell T. Davies in 2005. Now that Davies himself is set to return as showrunner for Doctor Who season 14, and with rumors of a Doctor Who shared universe as part of his plans, perhaps crossovers such as this Batman venture won’t be quite so out of the question.

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