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The Sidekicks of Havasu (and Beyond)

One of our actors recently blogged about his experience in working with the locals in and around Havasu. Check out his kind words!

Posted: June 23, 2015

For those of you whose first experience with SideKickBack is this post, welcome! And thanks for reading 🙂 I just want to take a moment to set up the forthcoming gratitude by explaining one of the founding principles of the main squeeze here, SideKickBack Radio, the podcast in which I interview friends and colleagues who are doing really amazing stuff. I strongly believe in altruism, in people helping people. I wanted to provide a platform for my friends and colleagues to talk passionately about their various endeavors and record it for you fine folks to hear about. As they promote themselves, new points of view are shared, great stories are told, and there is a guaranteed educational experience with each new guest. As corny as it sounds, it is the SideKickBack way. Everybody wins…

Read Full Blog Post Here

In addition to the wonderful folks that Andrew mentioned in his post we’d like to thank the following local businesses and community members for their contribution to our film!

Thank you to all the wonderful Businesses in Lake Havasu, Orange County, San Diego, Fort Mohave and Bend Oregon

Restaurants who donated food to our cast and crew

• Vinnie’s Pizza • Rusty’s Dinner • Javelina Cantina • Ed’s Deli • Campbell Cove 1 Stop • Up in Smoke BBQ • Casa Serrano • Burgers By the Bridge • Zevia

Businesses, Private Homeowners and community park areas that lent us their location for filming

• Zeigler Family Treehouse• Spectrum Landscape • Radio Central Station • Lake Havasu High School • Alco Marine and Sales • Dream Girls • Nautical Hotel and Resort • Adams Residence • Carlo Residence • Havasu Springs Resort • London Bridge Park • Rotary Park • Cool Springs Station • Oatman Jail • Lovato Residence • London Bridge Ice Cream Shop • The Refuge Golf and Country Club • Bat Cave – and DJ Bat Boom • Castle Rock • English Channel • SWAT Beach Party and Concert Stage • Kokomo’s Night Club • London Bridge Resort • Windsor Beach

Support Boats, Automobiles and helping hands

• JR Motors Mike Anderson • Commander Boats • SeaTow • John Zucalla • Dallas Finch – Cabana Boats • Marine Association • Bradley Devett • Roy Hawk • Gary Meyers • Andy Strano • Thom Felke • Rick Anderson • Jim Carlo • Jerry Aldridge • Camel Towing • Kyle York • Chris Lay


Last but not least our amazing cast and crew for sticking through some long days!  We appreciate each and everyone of you!  Curious about our crew and who helped us out check out our imdb page here to see who took part in this epic journey with us!

3 Responses
  • Markus P. Lay
    July 6, 2015

    My little brother’s Caddy is in your movie and I’m so proud of him for that………I look forward to seeing this movie

    • H2HAdmin
      July 20, 2015

      We are so grateful for Chris!

  • forest portrey
    August 24, 2015

    hey cant wait to see the scenes i was in. #havasuesleeperforlife

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