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The Post Production Process

Well folks, the film is well on its way to a finished product by Spring 2016. We are now in the “rough cut” stage. Our fantastic editor, Drew Kilcoin, has pieced together all of the footage that we shot over the last few months, into a long version of the film that matches the script that was written. However, we knew from the get go that we wanted to film scenes that wouldn’t be in the final version of the film but could be later used in an “uncut” or “unrated” version.  So the process now becomes cutting down the film into a more digestible size for theatrical release.  Many films have to go through this…The Wolf of Wall Street for example came in at 4 hours when it was initially edited. But Martin Scorcese knew that was way too long, and got it down to 3 hours. But don’t worry! Ours will be half that.

Once editing is complete, we then bring in a colorist who will visually balance all of the shots we got.  Most people don’t realize it but every movie that you will ever see goes through the process of coloring. Because so many factors go into creating a shot (such as angles, lighting, filters, weather) a colorist is needed to make sure everything looks well-balanced and beautiful. Here is a great article with video that shows how important the process of coloring is in creating the mood of a film:

We will then have a sound mixer come in and do the same thing with our audio, make sure all of the layers of sound (such as spoken lines, ambient noise, effects and our awesome soundtrack from the boys of MEST and Hollywood Undead) are all well balanced and clearly heard.

We are moving very quickly through the post-production process and before you know it, you’ll be joining us on our crazy adventure, complete with beautiful shots, great music and plenty of laughs along the way.

Stay tuned!

By Andrew Fromer

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