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Where we were one year ago…

As a producer of a feature film, you wear many hats.  One of my favorite hats I wore during the films preproduction phase was casting.  Being a part of the casting process is maybe the single most important part of film making. It was one year ago when we found most of our lead characters.


I’ll never forget watching Andrew Fromer and Ben Edlin read together and feeling like, wow these two seem like old friends. Watching Lily Berlina and Ben Edlin have an awkward and uncomfortable pairing just the way we intended. Meeting Joseph Tomasini better known in our film as the famous DJ Tanner, and knowing he’s our guy, watching Kayla Compton and Ben Edlin read there scene together and knowing chemistry between them is magic and we must have them as our on screen couple.


It was a big day for our film and I’ll never forget it, so to mark this spectacular day we wanted to share a few of our favorite clips from the auditions, which we recorded September 29, 2014, call back auditions for Highway To Havasu.  Enjoy!

Amber Goetz

Line Producer Highway To Havasu

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