Lake Havasu, Arizona is a fantastic destination for just about any traveller and with a large variety of Lake Havasu lodging options to suit every budget and need there is no better time to plan a visit.  One popular Lake Havasu lodging choice is camping right on the shores of Lake Havasu. Camping allows ready access to enjoy the hiking trails, pristine beaches and the water sports Lake Havasu has to offer. Lake Havasu State Park offers both tents and RV sites. In fact, taking an RV to Lake Havasu is the focus of a new Spring Break movie about Lake Havasu—Highway to Havasu.  This film is due out Spring 2016 and highlights much of this great American destination all while showing how convenient an RV is as a Lake Havasu lodging option.  RV’s also provide a sense of adventure and freedom that many travellers value and enjoy.lake havasu az

There are several nice hotels and motels at Lake Havasu too. Some of these hotels feature fantastic lakefront access, infinity pools, and views of London Bridge, among other Lake Havasu highlights.  There are also Lake Havasu lodging choices of all varieties that are geared more to college students and the Spring Break experience. Certainly those Spring Breakers in Highway to Havasu enjoyed great Lake Havasu lodging in one of those types of accommodations even though they stole their teachers RV! There are also budget Lake Havasu lodging options—some very close to the action and others just moments away from all the excitement of the popular hotspots in Lake Havasu.  Now, visitors can also book an airbnb on Lake Havasu and have all the comforts of home with beautiful Lake Havasu as the backdrop. Another Lake Havasu lodging option is right there on the lake—rent a houseboat! Lake Havasu houseboats run the gamut from lavish boats outfitted with air conditioning, luxurious living areas with high definition televisions and gourmet kitchens to more modest amenities.  Imagine how fun it would be for a family reunion or group vacation to rent several houseboats on Lake Havasu and tie them together. That’s quite a Lake Havasu lodging option, your own private floating hotel.

Lake Havasu is an affordable vacation spot for everyone, whether you have thousands to spend or on a tight budget. When you consider all the activities there are to enjoy and the huge variety of Lake Havasu lodging options, there is really no excuse not to book your Lake Havasu vacation today!

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