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IndieGoGo Campaign

Since the beginning of pre-production we tossed around the idea of doing an IndieGoGo Campaign.  As time went by, everything about this film became a uniquely daunting, sobering, and exciting learning experience for us. Every step of the way we have been reminded that the film industry is in uncharted territory. The way we found our one-of-a-kind cast, rewrote the script,  and constantly altered our course, even up until this very point in which we arrive at the most leap-of-faith moment in any film’s journey…distribution. “Unorthodox” has been our style since day 1.
BTS-6It is the wild west right now for films like ours. Between festivals, VOD, rare theatrical runs, and the trash can, there are so many paths for a film to take when it comes time for it to be shared with the world; we can’t resist the path less traveled. In our efforts to find out how best to present our rad adventure film to our incredible fanbase, our research led us to believe that we simply must bring it to them.

A few weeks ago we reached out to our fans through social media asking them where they would like to see our movie and we realized that the strong connection of our film to music led us to this rad idea…why not give our movie the rockstar treatment it deserves? We already have our awesome tour bus (the highway), a stellar cast and crew, thousands of fans.

What has emerged is a summertime national tour of Highway to Havasu 

Our IndieGoGo Campaign

About 30 cities have stated their demands.  So we will rent a theater, sell our own tickets and let the crowds laugh the night away.  Now, we are Amber Goetz - IndieGoGo Campaignstubborn filmmakers that won’t take no for an answer…this tour will happen. But we could use some help. In our efforts to make sure this film is in perfect shape for a night of unforgettable laughter, we have exhausted most of our funds. So to help with the cost of touring we started a crowdfunding campaign and have since raised almost $5,000. This will help us lower overhead as we rent theaters, gas up the recreational vehicle, and create all the necessary materials to give our film the attention it deserves as it spreads like wildfire across the nation.

If you’re interested in learning more and how you can help click here to see our campaign and our sweet perks we’ve come up with to say thanks to our contributors!

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