Have you ever woken up in the middle the night so excited about something you just couldn’t sleep? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me the night I decided to write the feature film Highway to Havasu! It was 12:32am, as I was lying in my comfortable bed when a flood of ideas poured into my brain. Knowing sleep wasn’t going to be so easy, I decided to open up my notes app in my iPhone to type out my ideas. What felt like a blink of an eye, suddenly was 3:30 in the morning, and my tired eyes strained fighting the blue light glare of my phone. Falling asleep that night was hard, as I knew upon waking, my journey was about to embark! The sun rose, as did I with a positive spring out of bed, I skipped my traditional morning healthy breakfast, to stare at the same blue light, however this time from my laptop for the next three days straight. By day three, and 90 pages later, the first draft of Highway was born, I had officially completed my first feature film screenplay, and boy was I excited and proud! With complete dedication, a clear vision and full heart, I along with my beautiful supporting wife, dove right into casting that same week. We were both so excited to share my vision, that within less than only one year from just an “Idea” and only passion to really back it up, “We” our Highway to Havasu team, who believed in my vision and followed my lead, worked non stop to create a first “Director’s Cut”

Most of us have had some fun, epic adventures in our lives, which we wish we could re-live over and over! For some, it may be a road trip adventure, for others just a crazy night out with best friends. These adventures for most of us are experienced during our high school or college years. We all love to re-live those fun moments and memories through slightly elaborated stories, we enjoy sharing over and over again. Highway to Havasu is a depiction of experiences which I’ve had, and funny characters, which I have encountered in my youth and adult years. The three main characters are all depictions of me in certain ways. Some people might think of Highway as just another teen comedy with the same story told for the hundredth time, however for me it is much more! Highway to Havasu is a coming of age, spring break, road trip, love story, drama, adventure! I ask you to take this journey with us and ride along with Dylan, Billy and Maxi and choose your own adventure. “It’s time” to let go, feel young, free and adventurous again!

Jeff Janke – Writer/Director – Highway to Havasu