Finally, a movie about Lake Havasu, Arizona! In the new film, Highway to Havasu, you’ll see all the classic Lake Havasu highlights such as the beautiful beaches, the crystal clear water, and the fun sports this vacation destination has to offer. You will also see what Spring Break in Lake Havasu can be like—from wild boat trips on Lake Havasu to day and night partying consisting of booze, watersports, boats, college girls, concerts, and more girls.  Did we say college girls? Well, it is Spring Break and it is a movie about Lake Havasu.  So though many people think of the transplanted London Bridge, the Lake’s lapping shores, and family friendly restaurants when they think of Lake Havasu, a whole bunch of other people are thinking about . . . well, you guessed it! Parties and boats and girls. lake havasu az

Spring Break, a time that older high school students and college age kids look forward to much of the year for the chance to take part in a great American tradition: partying!  And, Lake Havasu with its warm Arizona climate, clean, safe waters, and a variety of affordable lodging from RV’s to camping to hotels provides the perfect backdrop. Not to mention all the bars, restaurants, and night clubs full of beautiful women down to party.  Nothing like a hot Arizona day to bring out babes in bikinis.

There are many iconic Spring Break films and Highway to Havasu is poised to give those films a run for their money.  Highway to Havasu is a wildly adventurous Lake Havasu Spring Break movie.  The film centers around three high school friends, seniors from Bend, Oregon who are about to spend their final Spring Break together; and what better place than Lake Havasu? The three are as different as they come and each is seeking something else out of their Spring Break experience (not exactly in terms of results just in terms of how they each get there!). Is it Maxi’s time to final lose his virginity? Or will spending Spring Break in Lake Havasu help Dylan get over his broken heart after being dumped by his longtime girlfriend? And, will Billy find the courage to tell his dream crush his true feelings? While these three friends navigate the Lake Havasu waters—so to speak—they end up learning a lot more about themselves than anything else.  Well, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch.  But, they do find the answers to their questions.

It’s time for a fresh, American Spring Break film and Highway to Havasu is just that: an epic Lake Havasu Spring Break film full of bromance, adventure, partying, and yes, gorgeous girls.

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