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Highway To Havasu Movie Comedy Adventure Indie Film

“A Hilarious Comedy Adventure” During Spring Break two buddies kidnap their broken hearted friend and embark on an epic road trip adventure to Lake Havasu in Highway to Havasu Movie (The mecca of parties and beautiful college girls) a journey that will change their lives forever!

Highway To Havasu Movie

Film SynopsisHighway To Havasu Movie

Highway To Havasu MovieThe last Spring Break of high school is fast-approaching. Dylan, a senior from Bend, Oregon, is nursing a broken heart after being dumped by his awful longtime girlfriend Katy Andrews. Dylan’s childhood best friends, Billy and Maxi, try to help him, but they realize it’ll take something epic for Dylan to get over his ex. With the assistance of Maxi, Billy masterminds a spring break road trip adventure to Lake Havasu City, Arizona, as he sweetly received a once-in-a-lifetime invitation there to meet up with his dream woman crush, Katy’s twin sister Amber Andrews. Billy decides that it is time to confess his long withheld love for Amber and it wouldn’t hurt to help Dylan in the process. As a bonus, it might finally be time for Maxi to lose his virginity. Could this be the legendary spring break that defines their lives forever? Billy and Maxi kidnap Dylan, steal their auto-shop teacher’s RV and head south for spring break. Ride along and feel the experience, as Dylan, Billy and Maxi choose their own spring break adventure. Gorgeous girls, insane parties, and life-changing opportunities await them as they hit the highway.

Highway To Havasu Movie